Business Training Video

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Ever wonder why large companies like the Wal-Mart Corporation, Dupont, Sears, United Airlines and hundreds of others video tape their training programs and special events?

Simple! It’s fast and extremely cost effective and can be used over and over again.

Weather your training one person of one hundred people video training works. Video training can save hundreds and hundreds of man hours, can be watched over and over again until the message is received clearly.

Since 1992 we have gone where ever needed to professionally capture training sessions and special speakers or special corporate meetings and events. These videos become valuable assets that help convey the past as well as perhaps providing a peak into the future of many company’s.

In some instances we have produced videos that go with certain types of products such as the series of training tapes we did for the JCN Corporation of New Hampshire to show prospective employees of Togus Veterans Hospital in Maine how to use the new steam power plant and all the electronics and valve settings.   Or the video we produced for a company that sold a marine location tool that wanted a video to show users how simple it was to use.

If you have a training or informational video need, give us a call and we can talk it over.

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